The mural MEETING OF TWO WORLDS is a work of art about the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America and it’s located on Suba Avenue near the ” Alto de la Virgen”, it’s a cultural artwork done in high relief with a size of 224 square meters, its subject reflect the great contributions to mankind, in inventions, techniques and concepts, from the Caves of Altamira, through the Egyptians and Phoenicians, reaching Galileo Galilei’s telescope and the Compass, ending this chronological inventory and taking advantage of a staircase that goes up to the vehicular bridge and an area of 7.00 square meters, was conditioned one of the caravels in which the Admiral Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1942. The tip of the Galleon touches with his bowsprit a cartographic map that shows the Admiral’s travels to America.

Since this moment the contributions of America to the world begin to be considered. The different cultures, the step pyramid of the Sun, a totem of the north american aborigines, a variety of food such as the potato, the tomato, the squash, the cocoa, the corn, the Flora and the Fauna.

Jorge Lopera L.